Located on the north coast of the Island, Cowes was originally called Mussel Rocks and renamed in 1865 as it reminded a sea captain of Cowes in England. Mussel Rocks remains to the west of the Cowes Jetty and is a special spot for me, as it was the place chosen by us for our wedding photos!

Cowes has a romantic history from the 1900’s to the 1960’s when guests arrived by the steam boat Genista and stayed at one of the many guesthouses on the Island. In the early days the guests travelled by horse drawn carriages from the Jetty to their guesthouse. There are many romantic stories about these early days and locals are only too ready to share these with you.

The beaches are truly beautiful and the views across to French Island and the Peninsula are stunning. From the Jetty you can travel to Seal Rocks, French Island and Stony Point!

Hire a bike, a paddle boat or just relax with a book on the sand.

Filled with restaurants and cafes this would have to be the centre point of activity in the region. Venture out and enjoy . Restaurants, cafes and clubs offer a convenient place to enjoy an evening out with friends.

Enjoy the tranquility of staying close to the beach, with local shops and supermarkets offering convenient shopping. Cowes offers diverse living with ever changing streetscapes catering for both campers right through to luxurious, up market rentals.