Picturesque and leafy, Silverleaves is located 2 kms east of Cowes, and has a beautiful sandy north facing beach. Known as the hidden gem of the Island with meandering quiet streets, ideal for walking, jogging and bike riding. This is the beach holiday spot,you remember as a child – the locals catch up each summer, the children have all grown a little bit more and then suddenly the next generation arrives! Silverleaves was developed in 1953 by the local farming family the Sanders. The village is made up of estates, Sanders Estate, Woods Estate, and the last estate Woodlands. As you may have guessed the Woods were also farmers! Many of the decendants of these families have houses in the Silverleaves village and some of the original families are still holidaying in Silverleaves!

Original beach shacks dot Silverleaves, some are renovated and others have been replaced by more up to date beachhouses. Silverleaves is very leafy and heavily treed so the cottages and houses sit amongst this greenery.

The fabulous Silverleaves Store is the original land office for the Sanders subdivision and now serves great coffee, Gippsland wines and breakfast, lunch and dinner. The gourmet produce and local cheeses are a favourite with locals and visitors. The Store continues to be the hub for the village and is always keen to support the Silverleaves Conservation Society.
A fantastic walk along the beach heading east takes you to Observation Point – often you will be the only visitor there for the day, so tread carefully and quietly as this is an important bird breeding area.

So come and stay in beautiful Silverleaves! Let Phillip Island Getaway find your perfect holiday escape!